Vibro Stone Columns – Additional capability for 2020

Vibro Stone Column Rig

Vibro stone columns are a long proven ground improvement technique. They are suitable for the improvement of soft to firm, cohesive or loose to medium dense granular natural soils or made ground. The soils are displaced and densified using a vibrating poker with the installed stone column acting as a reinforcing element. This improves the soils capability to carry a load, limits settlement and increases the rate of consolidation.

Vibro stone columns (VSC’s) are a popular and cost effective method of enhancing geotechnical properties of poor soils and Roger Bullivant Limited (RB) have been utilising the technique for over 30 years and have delivered several hundred VSC projects in this time. Ground improvement processes can be used independently, in conjunction with other techniques or alongside traditional piled solutions as part of a value engineered solution.

During 2020 RB will be expanding its ground improvement fleet with the addition of more vibro stone and vibro concrete column rigs. Our new rigs will increase the depth that we can install VSC’s to. The new rigs will continue our tradition of utilising low ground bearing rigs which allow cost effective working platforms to be employed.


Vibro stone columns are suitable for a wide range of applications including but not limited to residential development and housing, low-rise buildings including offices, education, retail, healthcare and heavily loaded commercial and industrial buildings including ground bearing floor slabs.


Ground improvement works in a range of soils types and made ground to increase bearing capacity and reduce total and differential settlement. It is a quick process allowing large number of columns to be installed in short timescales which delivers cost effective foundation solutions.

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