RB delivers a range of foundations and ground floor packages for both residential and commercial buildings

Ground Beams


These buildings can be single storey, two-storey or multi-storey developments, e.g. flats and apartments. Other living accommodation such as nursing homes, student flats, sheltered housing, hotels and prisons can be catered for.

Both speculative house building and social housing can benefit from RB foundation and ground floor packages. The foundation elements of the packages can cater for all types of ground conditions, and both flat and sloping sites.

“The majority of major UK housebuilders choose the RB precast foundation system”
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RBeam by Roger Bullivant is suitable for use in residential and commercial building projects. The system can be utilised for low rise developments in accordance with BS 8103 and can be used with a range of piled foundation techniques in many different soil types and ground conditions including heave.

The RBeam system comprises of a range of standard lengths and depths which allows our inhouse design team to produce highly efficient foundation solutions for your projects.

The high quality factory produced components are manufactured to BS/EN 13225 & BS/EN 13369 and our commitment to stock ensures short project lead-in times.

Precast ground beam systems decrease the time needed to construct foundations, are not weather dependent, reduce wastage compared to trench fill foundations, save resources on enabling works and reduces the health and safety risk of trenched excavations and uneven ground surfaces.

RBeam is a high quality engineered foundation solution. Providing cost surety – Contact us to discuss how RBeam can add value to your next project.

“All precast concrete mixes are produced in compliance with BS EN 206 and meet the parameters of BRE Special Digest – Design Class 4.”

RB CombiSlab

An engineered raft foundation that can be constructed either with a void beneath, on piles or ground-bearing on virgin ground or ground that has been improved with either stone columns or dynamic compaction.

“RB provides a range of modular foundations packages for both residential and commercial developments.”


Foundation and ground floor packages can be designed and constructed for all kinds of commercial building applications, most notably:-

  • Schools, Universities and Colleges
  • Hospitals and other Healthcare buildings, e.g. Clinics
  • Leisure facilities, e.g. swimming pools, sports halls
  • Attractions, e.g. theme parks, museums, art galleries
  • Vacational buildings, e.g. holiday chalets, lodges
  • Retail, single shops to retail parks including refurbs
  • Offices and other workplace buildings
  • Emergency service buildings, e.g. police, fire and ambulance stations

Commercial building foundations and ground floor packages will utilise the full range of products described in the Residential section above, with due design considerations being adopted for the increased loadings required.

“All sizes of development can be catered for; from single dwellings to multi-plot residential or commercial sites.”