Jack Piles &
Jack Pile Rafts

Jack Piles are a restricted access technique used mainly for underpinning purposes whereby piles are pushed into the ground to a competent bearing stratum.  This is a quiet, vibration free operation using the dead weight of an existing structure as a reaction to install the pile. The jack piles are used in conjunction with a RC raft or ground beams to transfer the load from the structure to the piles.


Jack Piles and Jack Pile Rafts are ideal for sensitive structures and listed buildings as this is a quiet and vibration free technique that utilises lightweight equipment. This technique can also be used on residential and commercial sites.

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A RC raft is installed inside an existing building and needled into all load bearing walls. Prior to concreting the raft, tapered polystyrene cones, and holding down (HD) bolts are placed within the RC raft reinforcement at the predetermined pile locations.

Upon curing of the raft concrete the cones are removed, the Jack rig is located over the pile positions and secured to the raft via the HD bolts. Thick walled steel tubes are jacked down through the RC raft in 1.5m lengths. Each section is connected to the last by a spigot/socket arrangement until the design load is achieved.

Once the design load is attained, the steel tube is then over jacked to ensure the top of the tube is at the underside of raft. The pile and void through the RC raft are then concreted to provide the load transfer.

WHY USE Jack Piles And Rafts?

  • Generates no spoil
  • Vibration free
  • Quiet installation
  • Quick installation
  • Limited headroom & restricted access sites
  • Utilises small, lightweight equipment


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