Drilling System

Overburden Drilling System is a percussive drilled and cased pile which advances a steel casing through the overburden soil and allows the stable formation of rock socketed pile.


ODEX is an abbreviation of Overburden Drilling EXentric and is a generic term used to describe percussively drilled and cased piles. Typically used in challenging ground conditions such as soils with cobbles, boulders and rock layers, and can be used to pile through mine workings, and broken or laminated rock.

piling rig


Odex piles are formed by drilling and hammering a steel casing into the ground. The drilling is undertaken using a down the hole hammer which has the capacity to bore through most obstructions and into solid rock, the bore can be continued into the rock as an open hole. Concrete is then pumped into the hole and a steel reinforcing cage can be installed. The steel casing can be removed or left in place.

WHY USE Overburden Drilling System?

  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Ability to drill through most obstructions and socket into rock
  • Can support high loads
  • Bespoke geotechnical drawings
  • Minimum vibration
  • Various diameters available


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