Mini pile underpinning creates a strong and stable foundation by imparting a load transfer from the foundation to solid ground in order to minimize structural movement. A cost-effective alternative to mass concrete underpinning, eliminating excavations risks, such as contaminated spoils disposal. Various underpinning can be designed, mini piles are installed adjacent to existing walls transferring the load onto piles via needle beams.


Underpinning is often used for refurbishing buildings or extension work to an existing building where original foundations have weakened, change in soil conditions, or where the usage of the structure has changed.

underpinning rebar cage


There are several methods of underpinning that utilise mini piles. These solutions use a combination of piles together with needle beams and/or rafts to stabilise the existing structure. Where zero vibration is required, a jack pile system can be adopted in conjunction with rafts or ground beam systems to install the piles.

Mini piled underpinning work can in most cases and be carried out either inside or outside the affected building allowing for as little disruption as possible.

WHY USE Underpinning?

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor construction
  • Extensive in-house fleet capabilities
  • Bespoke geotechnical drawings
  • Cheaper and quicker alternative to mass concrete underpinning
  • Solutions where zero vibrations are required


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