Roger Bullivant Limited is a leading provider of geotechnical solutions for various commercial projects, our dedicated team has a proven track record in delivering reliable foundation solutions for a wide range of structures, from universities to theme parks.


Roger Bullivant Limited provides homeowners, developers, major house builders and contractors with foundation solutions for residential projects of all sizes throughout the United Kingdom. The team has successfully worked on a range of residential developments from single plots to new garden villages and inner-city redevelopments.


Roger Bullivant Limited, with the advantage of seven regional offices, provides expert geotechnical foundation solutions tailored for the industrial sector. Our extensive experience includes delivering foundations for high-tech production lines, specialised machinery, and expansive industrial factory developments.


Roger Bullivant Limited provides foundations and geotechnical ground improvement solutions for the infrastructure sector, working for public and private clients. Foundations have been delivered for bridges, wind farms, general highways, train, and tram infrastructure.


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