Grundomat piles are a type of bottom driven steel tubular pile often used for in the domestic market for property extensions and under­pinning. The word Grundomat refers to the tool used to drive the pile – no piling rig is required. This allows piles to be installed in confined working areas and sites with heavily restricted access.


Grundomat piles can be used in the residential and infrastructure sector. They are best suited to lightweight structures although they are often installed in groups to support greater pile cap loads. Using lightweight machinery generates minimal vibration making this technique ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.

Grundomat Image
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A starter casing, a closed ended thin wall steel tube, is filled with a limestone or dry mix plug. The Grundomat is then placed inside the starter casing and connected to an air compressor through an in-line lubricator.

The Grundomat pneumatically drives the starter casing until the top of the casing is just above ground level. Driving is then paused and a follower, an additional open-ended casing, is welded onto the starter casing.

The driving process is recommenced, and additional casings are added as necessary. The piling process is completed once a pre-determined length or set rate of penetration is achieved. The Grundomat is withdrawn from the pile and the pile is filled with either grout or concrete.

WHY USE Grundomat?

  • Minimal site preparation
  • Minimum vibration
  • Small lightweight equipment
  • Limited headroom & restricted access
  • Quick installation
  • Zero spoil


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