Roger Bullivant Limited Continues Successful Partnership with Persimmon Homes

Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL), a leading foundation engineering company, is proud to announce its ongoing collaboration with Persimmon Homes in the development of Parcel R10 and the wider Hampton Gardens and Woods projects.

RBL has been actively supporting Persimmon Homes’ vision for sustainable housing solutions. The company’s foundation systems have been utilised in the construction of over 800 homes for Hampton Woods (Parcel R9) and Hampton Green (Parcel R10).

For the challenging task of penetrating deep PFA fill within former brickwork pits, RBL’s Driven Precast Concrete Piles emerged as the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Over 8,000 250mm and 300mm Square Precast Concrete Piles have been installed across two developments, ensuring stability and durability.

The team plans to install a further 1,000 Driven Precast Concrete Piles as well as 3,500lm of RBeam to support Parcel R10. This in-house designed and manufactured solution is designed to improve installation time whilst minimising waste and reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional foundations, through value engineering and the use of low carbon concrete. This package solution includes the setting out, design, manufacture, and installation of individual plot foundations offering a ‘one-stop solution’.

“Our partnership with Persimmon Homes spans nine years, during which we have consistently delivered foundation solutions tailored to their specific needs,” said Nathan Sale, Piling Manager at Roger Bullivant Limited. “Our commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in the successful completion of numerous projects together.”


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