Roger Bullivant Limited’s Sustainable Contribution to Orbiston Community Hub

Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL) has showcased its sustainable piling solutions by providing Morgan Sindall Construction with an alternative to traditional Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles for supporting the Orbiston Community Hub project. Through the successful installation of 344 No, Continuous Helical Displacement (CHD) Piles, the team has not only met but exceeded project expectations, all while adhering to the established timeline.

The Orbiston Community Hub is poised to become a cornerstone of the local community, offering modern facilities for Sacred Heart Primary School, Lawmuir Primary School, a Family Learning Centre (0 to 5 years), and a community centre. This transformative project aims to create an exceptional learning environment for students and educators alike, while also providing the surrounding community with top-tier outdoor spaces and indoor amenities.

By engaging in collaboration with Morgan Sindall Construction, RBL has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability. The conversion of 344 No x 16m deep 600mm dia CFA piles to a combination of 300/600mm and 400/700mm dia CHD piles to a depth of 8m, not only showcases innovation but also results in significant environmental benefits. Notably, this switch has led to a reduction in carbon emissions by an impressive 220 tCO2e, as depicted in the graph below.

Furthermore, by replacing up to 70% of Portland Cement (CEMI) in the original concrete mix with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), we have also utilised a product that has a much lower level of embodied CO2 than if ordinary cement was used.

The adoption of CHD piles highlights a shift towards environmentally conscious construction practices. These piles offer a variety of solutions, addressing both construction needs and sustainability objectives. Beyond minimising waste leaving the site, CHD piles boast virtually vibration and noise-free installation, mitigating disturbances to the surrounding environment and community.

RBL’s implementation of CHD piles for the Orbiston Community Hub project represents a milestone in the construction industry’s journey towards sustainability. Through innovative approaches and collaborative efforts, RBL and its partners are not only providing highly engineered foundation solutions but also supporting a more environmentally friendly future.


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