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The Roger Bullivant team is pleased to announce that we are resuming the Breakfast Club events, holding our first one for #RBSouth on Wednesday 5th October. These prestigious, invitation-only events provide insight into our latest products and the steps we take to exceed client requirements.

What are the Breakfast Clubs?

The RB Breakfast Clubs offer ideal opportunities for construction professionals to network and gain up-to-date knowledge of the foundation industry over breakfast. We cover content including our latest products, our disciplines (piling, foundation systems, restricted access, and ground improvement), our processes, and our most recent flagship projects. This year, the business is seeing an upturn in the UK economy being reflected in increased construction activity, and the development of second-use and brownfield sites has never been more competitive. The morning event will highlight the foundation solutions best suited to these areas whilst offering a sustainable, energy-efficient, and waste-reduction solution.

Andy Preece, Southern Area Manager, said, “It’s so easy in our industry to do things exactly how you’ve done it for years. But there’s more and more out there that you could be getting involved with. A forum like this provides knowledge on the products and services available to me as a salesman. It opens that box.”

What are the benefits of these events?

  • These sought-after events provide exclusive, up-to-date information for all Construction professionals.
  • A complimentary Full English Breakfast is provided by Roger Bullivant at these events.
  • Specialists deliver all content within the field including area managers, discipline managers, and engineers.
  • In-house solutions. RB prides itself on designing and building its own fleet of piling, mini-piling, and ground improvement rigs.
  • Networking opportunities for Construction professionals

How can you get an invite?

The RB Breakfast Club events will be taking place regionally. In order to get an invite to these exclusive events, click here to sign up for our database. Click here to find out more information or register your interest in our latest Breakfast Clubs in Newbury and Warrington.


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