RB Launches Career Development Scheme for Setting Out Engineers

Four Roger Bullivant Engineers

Recently, RB has launched its Engineers Development Scheme which has been inspired by more traditional development routes whereby setting-out engineers gain experience and progress through Site Engineering to the Contract and Operational Management of the business. All Area Managers were given the opportunity to nominate setting-out engineers to receive additional training and coaching, thereby accelerating their development.

The participating engineers will receive 1 -2 dedicated monthly training days to develop their engineering, precontract, planning, safety, and production knowledge, giving them excellent opportunities to acquire a broader understanding of the company’s operational activities.

The scheme provides training, awareness of their potential future roles, and real opportunities for progression in the business. The pilot project identified and invited individuals with a passion for enhancing their engineering and management skills to participate in the scheme, with the aim of promoting cooperation, collaboration, and support among individuals in similar roles.

What benefits will the scheme bring?

  • Promote awareness of best practices and dedicated access to national and peer support.
  • Scheme members will receive training on RB’s systems and procedures, tailored to their current and future roles.
  • Provide insight into other roles and responsibilities across the business.
  • will gain a deeper understanding of our portfolio of Foundation Systems, enhancing their product knowledge.
  • Training from an external specialist will further develop the skills case of participants.
  • Opportunities to network at all levels on a national group basis.

Ben Gough, National Operations Manager for Foundation Systems, and leader of the Development Scheme says, “It is vital that our people feel valued, supported, and continue to grow and develop. This is an excellent initiative by the company, and I am thrilled to be taking the lead. All delegates have enthusiastically embraced the program and are fully committed to their personal growth and development.”

Will Singleton, Setting Out Engineer involved in the Development Scheme comments, “The scheme is providing a great insight into the lifecycle of a project and is beneficial to our ongoing development.”

RB’s commitment to the strategy that success lies in developing its people, will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the future leadership of the business. This is one of several dedicated development initiatives offered by the company. In the words of Zig Ziglar – “You don’t build a business. You build people, then people build the business”


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