Introducing RB’s New In-House Designed and Manufactured GI Rig

RB's New In-House Designed and Manufactured GI Rig

The Roger Bullivant team is pleased to share our success in designing and manufacturing our latest Ground Improvement rig, 4502. Following the successful introduction of 4501 back in March 2020, a request for a second build was made following an increase in demand for Ground Improvement.

Due to the 4501 rig also being an in-house design, we had the opportunity to make enhancements to the new machine with the knowledge gained from the operational service of its sister rig to get the best out of the machine.

So what improvements did we make?

  • The latest engine emission compliance Euro Stage IV at the time of build where the older 4000 series are Euro Stage II
  • Improved efficiency as we not only have better emissions but a smaller power output 210kW down from 298kW for the same front-end performance
  • A heavier, more stable machine but with similar working platform requirements
  • Increased depth capability up to 8m from the previous 6m limit
  • The opportunity to develop a full Jean Lutz instrumentation package for column records that has been well established on both rotary and the latest RBL hammer machines.

But what issues did we face along the way?

  • The ongoing supply chain delays as the after-effects of Covid lockdowns worldwide were still in full force.
  • The rising cost of steel on top of general material availability.
  • Outside manufacturing companies dealing with fluctuating labour levels through isolation rules causing production delays.

Neil Harris, Plant Design Manager who led the project, said, “Although this should have been a straightforward copy of an existing machine, the difficulties and delays of the current manufacturing supply chain have made it a challenge for everyone involved.

However despite all of the delays, once we had the parts available, the build itself went well and to the scheduled programme put forward by the Plant Team resulting in 4502 being completed and ready for work on time, an achievement in itself that should not be overlooked.

I hope that the new 4502 machine will again show what we can achieve as a department and a company when we work together and look forward to it having a long and profitable career in our fleet.”

Andrew Clarke, National Piling Operations Manager, said, “The introduction of the new 4502 Vibro compaction rig is another great addition to our fleet, strengthening our GI departments capability’s and improving fuel efficiencies and emissions. Therefore helping us achieve targets in reducing our carbon footprint by 2030.

The new 4500 series rigs also give us the added benefits of an 8m Vibro Stone Column treatment and Jean Lutz instrumentation. We are also achieving impressive production rates on site, which has resulted in great feedback from both our clients and our operator’s.”


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