Roger Bullivant Limited Works with Vinci Building to Provide Piling Solutions for Albion Square Project 

Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL), a leading name in the piling and foundation industry, has been selected to undertake the next phase of piling works for the Albion Square project in Hull. Collaborating with the Main Contractor, Vinci Building, RBL will provide its piling expertise to ensure the success of this significant infrastructure development. 

As part of the Vinci Group, RBL is pleased to work in collaboration with Vinci Building on this project, enabling us to offer clients a fully integrated service.  

Senior Project Manager at Vinci Building commented, “It’s good to collaborate within the overall Vinci Construction UK Group. Your team on site worked collaboratively with our team, too.”

The project involves the installation of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles, chosen for their suitability to specific loading criteria and ground conditions. CFA piles offer several benefits, including faster installation times, reduced noise levels, and minimal vibration, making them an ideal choice for urban environments like Albion Square. 

The pile design focuses on penetrating and terminating piles into the Grade C chalk anticipated at a depth of 17.5 meters.  

RBL will install a total of 108 No. 450mm diameter CFA piles, reaching depths of 22 meters, along with 29 No. 600mm diameter CFA piles, extending to 21 meters. These piles will form the foundation for the NHS Community Diagnostics Centre building. 

“We are pleased to be part of this project,” said Jim Hargrave, Northeast Regional Manager at Roger Bullivant Limited. “Collaborating with Vinci Building allows us to combine our strengths and deliver quality results.”  

The piling works are expected to take approximately three weeks. By leveraging RBL’s foundation solutions, the company aims to minimise disruption to ongoing operations while ensuring long-term structural integrity for the project. 


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