Roger Bullivant Limited Unveils Triple Launch of 3500 Series Driven Piling Rigs

3500 Series Driven Piling Rig Launch Video

Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL) proudly announces the simultaneous launch of three revolutionary 3500 Series Driven Piling Rigs: the 3501, 3502, and 3503. This ground-breaking triple launch underscores RBL’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.

The 3500 Series Hammer Rigs represent the pinnacle of construction technology, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge features with RBL’s signature innovation. Built upon the robust JCB 220X excavator base, these rigs boast an oversized undercarriage for exceptional stability, ensuring optimal performance on a wide range of projects.

Quiet Hammer Technology

Each rig offers either a 3.5-ton or 4.0-ton quiet hammer technology, empowering operators to tailor their equipment to the demands of specific applications. Meticulously designed with the residential foundations market in mind, these rigs effortlessly complement RBL’s existing fleet capabilities but are equally at home on restricted commercial and industrial sites.

Reduced Ground Bearing Pressure

Each of these rigs is capable of driving piles up to 6 metres in length and 250mm sections thanks to a carefully engineered machine geometry. Boasting reduced ground-bearing pressure and potentially reducing piling platforms even further, the 3500 Series offers unparalleled flexibility for various project environments.

Reduced Noise Pollution

To reduce noise pollution in residential areas, the 3500 Series Rigs feature a lighter version of the proven 5.5-ton quiet hammer assembly, attaining a remarkable 450kN pile capacity while ensuring minimal noise emissions.

Heightened Efficiency and Emissions Control

The integration of JCB’s Euro Stage V compliant engine ensures heightened efficiency and emissions control, while the retention of original features such as Auto Idle and Power Demand Monitoring further emphasises RBL’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety and flexibility remain at the forefront of RBL’s design specification. The Scanreco Radio Remote Control system enhances safety by eliminating the need for traditional operator cabs, granting operators the freedom and increasing all round vision to position themselves optimally for each task.

Real-Time Data

Furthermore, the inclusion of the JCB Live Link system grants remote access to invaluable machine telemetry data. This information includes real-time fuel usage and economy metrics, service data, machine usage hours, and geographical tracking for enhanced security.

Highlighting the trio’s unique role within RBL’s fleet, the 3500 Series Hammer Rigs bridge the gap between the 3000 and 5500 series machines. While the 3000 series is optimised for restricted access sites and the 5500 series excels in industrial applications, the 3500 Series introduces a balance between size, power, and performance.

Additionally, the latest Jean Lutz instrumentation package captures digital records of every pile driven into the ground, providing valuable insights and real-time monitoring capabilities to technical staff.

Roger Bullivant Limited’s triple launch of the 3500 Series Driven Piling Rigs represents a new era in construction equipment innovation. With these rigs, RBL delivers the tools construction professionals need to redefine foundation work, providing quality, efficiency, and performance on every project.


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