Roger Bullivant Limited Unveils Eye-Opening Insights into the Lack of Awareness Surrounding Offsite Manufactured Foundations

A graphic containing the results of peoples current awareness of the use of offsite manufactured foundations

In a contribution to the conversation surrounding offsite construction, Roger Bullivant Limited has released its findings from its participation in the Housebuilder & Developer whitepaper and survey “Solving the Housing Crisis with Offsite Construction”. The question “What is your current awareness of the use of offsite manufactured foundations?” has highlighted interesting trends associated with offsite foundations within the construction industry.

The survey collated responses from a diverse cross-section of professionals from Directors to Buyers to Quantity Surveyors, and the results shed light on the industry’s familiarity with offsite manufactured foundations. Astonishingly, 63% of respondents admitted to having no awareness of such foundations. This highlights the need for further education and promotion of these innovative solutions, specifically in the smaller housebuilder sector.

Among the participants, 22% exhibited some degree of awareness but had never witnessed the use of offsite manufactured foundations in a project setting. A contributing factor to this result could be that offsite foundations are more widely used in poorer ground conditions. A smaller proportion, 9%, expressed a high level of awareness but had yet to incorporate these foundations into their projects. This underlines the existing gap between knowledge and implementation.

The survey also revealed that 6% of respondents were both highly aware of and actively using offsite manufactured foundations in their projects. This subgroup exemplifies the potential success that can arise from embracing these progressive techniques. Impressively, even though a minority, 1% of participants consistently prioritise the use of these foundations whenever feasible, showcasing their dedication to innovation and efficiency.

Roger Bullivant Limited’s involvement in this survey underscores its commitment to advancing the construction industry. By sharing these invaluable insights, the company aims to drive the use of offsite foundations. As the construction industry evolves, Roger Bullivant Limited remains at the forefront of innovation, advocating for the adoption of offsite manufactured foundations to change the way we build our future.

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