Restricted Access Piling at The KIA Oval

Restricted Access Piling

Roger Bullivant Limited (RB) is delivering a package of SFA restricted access piling and CFA piling at the KIA Oval in London.

RB has 2 rigs on site working concurrently with a number of other demolition and construction activities. Our restricted access piling team are installing 59No. 400mm diameter SFA mini piles within a 2 week period. At the same time as our CFA piling team are installing 360No. CFA piles of 350mm and 400mm diameters within a 5 week period.

Our piling work is to support the redevelopment of The Lock Laker Stand. The grandstand is being developed into a three tier stand with new matchday, conference and events facilities. The redevelopment project is due to completed ahead of the 2021 season.

RB have collaborated extensively with Buckingham Group Contracting on this project. During preconstruction stages we worked to ensure our restricted access piling rig would be able to install a number of piles under the existing grandstand. The existing grandstand presented challenges due to the limited head room and tight column spacings present. Further liaison included providing rig weights for appropriate piling mats to be designed and installed. Extensive discussions on the sequencing of works to ensure efficient working on site. The sequencing was key as other demolition and construction works were scheduled to be carried out and completed adjacent to our work areas. This early involvement and collaboration with the project delivery team is proving critical in the safe, high quality and on time delivery of our piling works.

RB operate a fleet of over 50 piling and ground improvement rigs and provide a range of piling solutions. Over 20 of our rigs have restricted access piling capability. This is based on restricted headroom, narrower rig width or lighter weight rigs. The restricted access piling rigs can installed driven piles – including precast concrete and steel as well as CFA and SFA augered piles including mini piling.

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