Hauling Piling Plant and Precast Piles

Piling Rig on Roger Bullivant Low Loader

Hauling Piling Plant and Precast Piles

Hauling piling plant and precast piles just got a whole lot easier for Roger Bullivant Limited (RB) with the expansion of our inhouse transport fleet. 

Worlds most powerful tractor unit

We’ve just taken delivery of our brand new Volvo FH16 750 6×4. This is the world’s most powerful production tractor unit at 750BHP / 3550nm.

Being so powerful is a huge advantage when you need to deliver precast piles, precast foundations beams and a range of piling rigs across the whole of the United Kingdom. RB have expert foundation teams operating from 8 regional offices across England, Scotland and Wales. We can provide local expertise and unrivalled experience wherever your foundation project is.

Precast piles sustainably delivered

As a sustainable foundation contractor we are always considering our environmental impact and reducing our carbon emissions. When selecting our new tractor unit we had to have a truck that combines power with remarkable fuel efficiency. An uncompromising combination for the heaviest and most demanding of transport operations. This balance makes it the ideal unit both for pulling our range of piling rigs or delivering our range of precast piles.

Another consideration was to have maximum comfort and great ergonomics for our drivers. Our trucks work hard and so do our drivers. To improve their working conditions we selected the driver focussed Globetrotter XL cab which includes the facility for the driver to set the temperature of the cab before they get to work and check the fluids remotely. Handy on these cold winter mornings. The trucks diagnostic system even allows remote reporting of issues, alerting the service engineers and ordering of replacement parts. This should ensure our transport fleet spend more time delivering precast piles and the rigs to install them.

Further Information

For further information on our range of piling and foundation solutions visit www.roger-bullivant.co.uk/products

For further information on the Volvo FH 750 range visit www.hartshorne.co.uk


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