Roger Bullivant Limited: A Disability Confident Committed Employer

Disability Confident Badge

At Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL), we take great pride in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. We are thrilled to announce that we have been certified as a Disability Confident Committed Employer, reflecting our commitment to creating an environment that supports disabled individuals throughout their career journey.

What are we doing to make RBL a diverse workplace?

1. Inclusive and Accessible Recruitment Process:

We firmly believe that a fair and accessible recruitment process is crucial to attracting a diverse range of talented individuals. We actively work to remove any potential barriers that may hinder disabled applicants from fully participating in our recruitment process.

2. Communication and Promotion of Vacancies:

To ensure that all individuals are aware of the opportunities available at RBL, we communicate and promote our vacancies through various channels. Our job advertisements are designed to be accessible, providing clear and concise information about the roles and the application process. We actively engage with disability-focused organisations, online platforms, and community networks to reach a wider audience.

3. Inclusive and Flexible Interviews for Disabled Candidates:

We are committed to offering interviews to all disabled candidates who meet the minimum criteria for a job. By doing so, we provide an equal opportunity for all individuals to showcase their skills and abilities. Our interview processes are designed to be inclusive and flexible, allowing candidates to express themselves in a comfortable environment.

4. Reasonable Adjustments:

RBL anticipates and provides reasonable adjustments as required throughout the recruitment process and beyond. We understand that everyone’s needs may vary, and we strive to accommodate those needs effectively. By proactively identifying and implementing reasonable adjustments, we ensure that disabled applicants and employees can fully participate and perform to their best potential.

5. Support for Employees with Disabilities:

Our commitment to supporting disabled individuals extends to our existing employees. We recognize that circumstances may change, and an employee may acquire a disability or long-term health condition during their employment. In such cases, we work closely with the employee to identify and implement necessary adjustments that enable them to continue their work effectively. We provide support, resources, and a compassionate environment to help them navigate any challenges they may face. As a Disability Confident Committed Employer, RBL is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible workplace. Join us in our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive, contribute, and reach their full potential.


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