Roger Bullivant Limited Unveils the Latest Addition to Their Fleet: The 7009 Rig

Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL), a leading name in the construction industry, is thrilled to announce the arrival of its newest addition, the 7009 rig from Enteco. This remarkable rig is set to join RBL’s impressive fleet just 18 months after the introduction of the 7008 machine further enhancing the company’s capabilities and commitment to excellence.

The 7009 Enteco rig, a sister to the highly successful 7007 and 7008 machine, boasts a range of features and capabilities that complement RBL’s main fleet of rotary machines in the market. Equipped with a powerful Volvo 585 kW Euro Stage V compliant engine, this rig offers improved efficiency and superior emissions control.

At full torque, the machine’s 250kNm capable rotary head can achieve rotation speeds of up to 16rpm, thanks to its robust engine. Additionally, it features a 400kN extraction winch system, a 100kN crowd winch, and a man lift basket with a built-in rescue facility, ensuring safe access for maintenance and service checks up the mast.

One of the standout qualities of the 7009 rig is its low bearing pressures, a testament to its well-balanced design. This feature sets it apart in its size category, making it a formidable asset for RBL’s operations. The 7009 rig is primed to excel in various markets, including:

  • CFA: Capable of handling augers up to Ø750 mm to a depth of 19 metres, with the option for a Kelly drive for an additional 7 metres of depth.
  • CHD: Utilising RB’s in-house bullet design, it can reach depths of up to 20 meters, with the option of a Kelly drive for an extra 7 metres.
  • CHAD: Sharing tooling with the 7007 and 7008 machines, it accommodates depths of up to 17 metres.

As well as this, the rig is totally self-erecting, easy to operate and to transport from one project to another all to the benefit of the productivity. The rig allows easy transportability, with no need to disassemble parts.

The 7009 Enteco rig arrived with significant software and construction upgrades that can be retrofitted onto the 7008 machines during the initial commissioning period. This allows RBL to have both machines side by side, facilitating direct comparisons and ensuring that RBL’s fleet remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Andy Tebbs, Manufacturing Director, said, “Since joining the business in the early part of last year, it is great to see that RBL continues its high level of investment in new technology to ensure that we stay at the forefront of geotechnical engineering. Over the coming months, we will follow this launch with multiple new technologies and equipment into the marketplace.”

The team is excited about the potential that the 7009 rig brings to their operations and looks forward to the continued growth and success that this addition will undoubtedly deliver.


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