Roger Bullivant Limited Provides Environmentally Conscious Solution for Storex Self-Storage

sunbury cgi

Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL), a respected name in ground engineering solutions, recently completed a piling project in Sunbury. The project involved the installation of 227 No, 300/600mm CHD piles to depths ranging from 8.5m to 12.5m, addressing challenging ground conditions comprising gravel over clay.

Despite the complexity of the site, RBL efficiently executed the project, finishing ahead of schedule. The successful completion underscores RBL’s dedication to meeting project deadlines and delivering quality results.

The project, commissioned for the construction of a self-storage unit for Storex Self Storage, was carried out in collaboration with Aztec Construction. RBL utilised its 7000 series piling rig to meet the geotechnical challenges of the ground conditions and ensure smooth operations throughout the project.

Furthermore, the utilisation of CHD piles proved highly beneficial for this commercial project. CHD piles have environmental advantages, minimising spoil and reducing lorry movements, thereby mitigating the environmental impact and enhancing the sustainability of a project. In addition, the design and performance capabilities of the CHD pile, allows for shorter pile length in comparison to a traditional CFA solution, resulting in less concrete usage.

This successful project has led to further opportunities for collaboration with Storex, highlighting RBL’s reputation as a reliable partner in the construction industry.

“We are pleased to have completed the Sunbury project ahead of schedule,” said Chris Sparey, South Area Manager at Roger Bullivant Limited. “Our team’s dedication and expertise were key to delivering this project efficiently and to the highest standards.”


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