Grey to Green – A Roger Bullivant Limited sustainability initiative

Tree planting

Grey to Green

Sustainability is integral to Roger Bullivant Limited. Grey to Green is one of a range sustainability initiatives from Roger Bullivant Limited. It is one of our ways to give something back.

Each year Roger Bullivant Limited produces approximately 1M linear metres of precast concrete piles and foundation beams. Our concrete products are manufactured in modern and energy efficient production facilities. These foundation products support a wide range of building applications. They include houses, office buildings, warehouses, healthcare facilities, educational buildings, infrastructure and facilities in the utility sector. 

Roger Bullivant Limited’s internal design teams have designed and specified the concrete we use to meet the requirements of the product in the most sustainable manner. We have worked hard to create an efficient concrete mix  with reduced cement and water content compared to traditional concrete. A significant proportion of the aggregates used with our concrete are from secondary sources. We also incorporate concrete from previous batches and other processes that otherwise would have become waste. Pulverised fuel ash (PFA) is another waste product and is used to replace a proportion of the cement.

The National Forest

For every metre of precast product we produce a donation is made to the National Forest. The National Forest was established in 1995 and is a project to reforest over 200 square miles of mixed habitat forest in the Midlands. The land for The National Forest was formerly coalfields and other heavy industry. These industries left the landscape scarred. This area includes the town of Swadlincote where Roger Bullivant Limited is headquartered and our precast concrete manufacturing facilities are based. We are a significant employer in the town and a large number of our employees live in the area. We wanted to support sustainable initiatives locally.

During the current tree planting season of November 2019 to March 2020 The National Forest will plant its 9 millionth tree. As part of National Tree Week members of our team were pleased to be invited to join in the celebrations and plant some of the trees ourselves.

To understand more about Grey to Green, a Roger Bullivant Limited sustainability initiative you can watch this short video. For more information on the National Forest click the link below it.


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