5 Reasons to Use Driven Steel Tubular Piles

Driven Steel Tubular Piles

Driven Steel Tubular Piles are a displacement piling technique used as an alternative method to Driven Precast Concrete Piles in situations where challenging or variable ground conditions are encountered. When faced with hard driving conditions in natural or man-made soils, Driven Tubular Steel Piles provide an alternative option.

So, why should you use Driven Steel Tubular Piles in challenging conditions?

  1. Environmental impact

The piles are sourced from recycled steel casings salvaged from the oil and gas industry.

  1. A robust piling solution

The utilisation of Driven Steel Tubular offers a sturdy and adaptable piling solution well-suited for challenging or variable ground conditions. This solution is capable of addressing hard driving conditions, dense and heterogenous backfill, and variable depths to bedrock.

  1. Increased penetration characteristics

In addition to providing a sturdy piling technique that can enhance driving capabilities in challenging ground conditions, Driven Steel Tubular Piles possess improved penetration characteristics, allowing them to be used in situations where driving into rockhead is necessary. This solution is frequently employed in backfilled quarry scenarios where penetration through man-made ground is essential as is ensuring the pile has reached bedrock (which could be sloping).

  1. Available in a variety of segmental lengths

Segmental lengths of 3m to 6m are commonly used to drive piles to the appropriate depth, minimising wastage. Typically, piles are driven with an open end, resulting in the formation of a soil plug internally at the tube’s base. The piles are then installed to a designated length, “set,” or “refusal” to attain the desired working load.

  1. Can be used for a range of different structures

Driven Tubular Steel Piles are the foundation for various structures, including residential, commercial, industrial, and heavy civil engineering and infrastructure works.

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