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Driven Precast Concrete Piles




Galamast Construction Group Ltd



Roger Bullivant was approached by Galamast Construction Group to provide a geotechnical solution for the design and installation of driven precast concrete piles.

After assessing the site investigation reports, the required design depth was 10m from the given platform level to be completed within 2 days.

In total, 54 No 250mm x 250mm precast concrete piles were installed for a compressive load of 400kN per pile and dynamically tested to ensure they met the set criteria.


As Roger Bullivant only had 2 days to complete the works, it was crucial that the rig was mobilised to site on time and in line with the programme. On the first day, in addition to the mobilisation, 380lm of pile were installed, with one concrete obstruction promptly cleared by Galamast in order to resume piling.

On the second and final day, 160lm of pile were installed, followed by 3 No dynamic load tests to substantiate pile capacities.

The project needed to be completed within two days without delay and Roger Bullivant successfully completed the works on time and within budget


Small contracts require the upmost coordination from everyone on-site in order to complete the contract within the timescale given and to make such contracts financially viable. The RBL Quiet Hammer rig was used to install the piles. This is designed for quick set-up from transport to working position making it ideal for contracts with a quick turnover.

Safety is always the main priority so, with the cooperation of everyone on site, the South West team operated safely and efficiently, making the contract a success. The Quiet Hammer rig includes a safety feature that improves
stability due to reduced height and full remote operation. This allows maximum visibility around the defined 2m working zone.

Driven Precast Concrete piles are designed and manufactured in-house in varying segmental lengths to reach required depths, thereby minimising waste and improving cost-effectiveness. Roger Bullivant provided a total of 250 x 250mm precast concrete piles which consisted of 3m and 4m segmental lengths.

Galamast Construction Group, Site Manager said:
“Roger Bullivant were professional and courteous at all times, very methodical in their work practice. Their presentation of the works was clean and tidy. The piles were completed on schedule.”


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