Dynamic Compaction project improves ground on wind turbine base

Dynamic Compaction

RB successfully completed the ground improvement package for a wind turbine base up in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

The 66 tonne, 12001series NRG dynamic compaction rig, dropping a 10 tonne weight from up to 10m, completed 1,079 drops over 320 positions to improve the ground beneath the new turbine base.

The site works, for main contractors Walters UK Ltd., including tracking the rig up to the remote hilltop site, were completed on time and within five days.

The 12000 series NRG rigs are built in-house by RB and are the heaviest in the company’s fleet. They deliver a maximum drop weight of 12 tonnes from 12 meters. The weight lift and free fall cycle is leader guided, this being a critical safety feature, as well as adding to drop precision and producing better production rates than traditional crane-based systems.

The 12000 series rig drop weights are interchangeable and specially adapted shaped weights can also be used.


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