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In 2020, Yorkshire-based housebuilder Beal Homes awarded Phase 1 of their flagship development Greenways-Goole to Roger Bullivant Limited (RBL). The piling and precast ground beam package was awarded to RBL due to its ease and speed of installation, and the excellent working relationship developed over many years of working together.

Beal Homes is a keen advocate of RBL’s foundation system, RBeam, appreciating the benefits of a precast solution, allowing follow-on trades to work on plots shortly after installation ensuring the build program is maintained.

The scheme consists of 800 homes to be built at the 73-acre site which is one of the largest residential development to be built in Goole in many years forming part of the £200m regeneration scheme. The project is also the largest single development for Beal Homes in its 55-year history.

Recently several large companies have located in the town and the development will provide much needed new homes for the increasing population of Goole main


  • Phase 1 works started in July 2020 consisting of 281No. 200mm sq. driven precast concrete piles to a depth of 8.0m founding within the Sherwood sandstone formation for typical pile loads up to 350kN.
  • Following the successful installation and testing of piles, 1213m of precast concrete RBeam were also installed.
    Since the initial phase, RBL has successfully completed 6 visits totaling circa 2000No. piles, and 9000m of precast ground beam and are looking to start phase 2 of the works in May 2023.
  • Due to the offsite production of RBeam, this increased installation rate of the plots, providing significant programme savings, typically installing between 20 to 30 plots per month.


  • RBeam can increase the pre-manufactured value (PMV) of your projects. The RBeam system is classed as a Category 3 Modern Method of Construction (MMC) pre-manufactured components as defined in the MHCLG framework.
  • This technique can be used with a wide range of piled foundation techniques in many different soil types and ground conditions including accommodating ground heave potential.
  • The off-site manufactured modular foundation system is used to accelerate the foundation build programme with improved on-site accuracy, productivity, quality, and safety.
  • All components used in this project were manufactured using low-carbon concrete.
  • RBeam is certified by NHBC Accepts, LABC, and Premier Guarantee System Acceptance.


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