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RBL provides a range of foundations and ground floor packages for both Residential and Commercial developments.

All sizes of development can be catered for, from single dwellings to multi-plot residential or commercial sites.

The foundation and ground floor packages are designed to use precast concrete products, cast insitu elements, high-tech modular components, or a combination of all three and embraces modern methods of construction with up to 90% of the components being manufactured offsite in a quality controlled factory environment.

These buildings can be single storey, two-storey or multi-storey developments, e.g. flats and apartments. Other living accommodation such as nursing homes, student flats, sheltered housing, hotels and prisons can be catered for.

Both speculative house building and social housing can benefit from RBL foundation and ground floor packages. The foundation elements of the packages can cater for all types of ground conditions, and both flat and sloping sites.

Residential Packages can comprise:-

RBL Tee Beam
Foundations and floors for low rise housing (2-3 storeys) consisting of piles, precast or insitu caps, precast Tee and Tie beams and suspended precast or insitu floors (refer typical beam section RB2000).

RBL Square/Rectangular Beam
Foundations for more highly loaded three storey accommodation or more heavily loaded construction consisting of piles, precast or cast insitu caps, precast square beams and suspended precast or cast insitu floor (refer typical beam section RB2001).

RBL CombiSlab
An engineered raft foundation that can be constructed either with a void beneath, on piles or ground-bearing on virgin ground or ground that has been improved with either stone columns or dynamic compaction.

Foundation and ground floor packages can be designed and constructed for all kinds of commercial building applications, most notably:-
  • Schools, Universities and Colleges
  • Hospitals and other Healthcare buildings, e.g. Clinics
  • Leisure facilities, e.g. swimming pools, sports halls
  • Attractions, e.g. theme parks, museums, art galleries
  • Vacational buildings, e.g. holiday chalets, lodges
  • Retail, single shops to retail parks including refurbs
  • Offices and other workplace buildings
  • Emergency service buildings, e.g. police, fire and ambulance stations
Commercial building foundations and ground floor packages will utilise the full range of products described in the Residential section above, with due design considerations being adopted for the increased loadings required.
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